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Best Phone Recorder / USB / PC / Computer/ Analog Phone Call Recorder SALE $99.99

Best Phone Recorder  / USB / PC / Computer / Analog Phone Call Recorder SALE $99.99
Best Phone Recorder  / USB / PC / Computer / Analog Phone Call Recorder SALE $99.99Best Phone Recorder  / USB / PC / Computer / Analog Phone Call Recorder SALE $99.99Best Phone Recorder  / USB / PC / Computer / Analog Phone Call Recorder SALE $99.99Best Phone Recorder  / USB / PC / Computer / Analog Phone Call Recorder SALE $99.99Best Phone Recorder  / USB / PC / Computer / Analog Phone Call Recorder SALE $99.99
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Best Phone Recorder
USB /PC/ Computer Phone Call Recorder
Record Phone Calls to PC. Easy to set up Easy to use.
"In Less Than 5 Minutes You Can Install And Record Your Voice Conversations, Over The Phone Easily."

This is the best phone recorder you will ever own.

How many times have you got off a phone call that you wish was recorded? Wish you had a record of your Conversation with your lawyer? Your doctor? Your Ex-Wife or Ex-Husband? Just added new feature The best phone recorder runs in invisible mode. use it on the family computer without anyone knowing

Finally !!  A simple way  to capture all your important telephone conversations on the phone to playback and listen to Anytime, Anywhere easily! All you need is a computer and an analog phone. Works on Analogue phones phones ONLY.

Get your hands on this  device called the Phone Call Recorder.
In less than 5 minutes  you will never miss another valuable phone conversation again. Once you set up the recorder it will automatically recorder each incoming and out going phone call. Load the Included software in your 2000 XP or Vista PC. Connect the recorder to you PC with the included USB Cable and record calls. It really is that easy. With 3 Connections you're ready to go! This break through technology will allow you to record both sides of your phone call. This best Phone recorder goes directly to your PC using a High Speed USB Connection and records to your hard drive. You will have almost unlimited recording times. No more worrying about whether you have enough space left on your tape or digital recorder. This is a great phone recorder for interviews or sales call documentation. Customer support and tech help phone calls can be recorded to increase customer service levels.

Who uses the best Phone Recorder?

Business Users:

Companies - Record phone conferences, meetings
Customer Service Reps - Record your service and support phone calls
Business / Life Coaches -  Effortlessly record your telephone-classes for product creation...
Consultants -  Record your phone consultations and use them to up sell to your clients.
Insurance Agents - Record claims, coverage's, quotes and dispute conversations
Executives - Record meetings, consultations, discussions with staff and assignments
Attorneys - Record client calls, and recall advice for the client at a moments notice....

Personal Users:

Parents - Protect your teen by Monitoring their conversations
Spouses - Wondering if your spouse is not being faithful? Find out the truth!
Anyone else - Capture your great and brilliant moments on the phone and never forget what you said again!

What do I get with the Best Phone Recorder?

Size of a deck of cards - This Phone recorder Can easily be hidden in your office or home

  • Crystal Clear pure digital sound...
  • Less than 5 minute installation - If you can plug in a phone you make this work
  • Save recorded files to your network drive, PC, CD or FTP Site.
  • Instant playback of a call through speakers
  • Minimal recording length capability. (New)

Recognizes and records your callers' ID - To search for call later...

  • Add notes to recorded files.
  • Send Recordings via Email
  • 2 Minute software install, easy to use and very efficient.
  • No tapes, No batteries. This is a maintenance free recorder.
  • Learn, change, and improve by listening to your recordings.

Records both regular or cordless phones - Both sides of the conversation...

  • Record manually or automatically when a call is made or a call comes in.
  • For home or office recording Records both sides of the conversation.
  • Search and Find a phone conversation instantly
  • Sound files are compressed therefore don't take up to much size on your hard disk
  • Listen to recordings through the speakers

Records all conversations regardless of what phone you pickup on the same phone line...

  • Automatically time & date stamps recorded files - For easy searching...Recording format .WAV file.
  • Record conference calls with ease.
  • Management software included

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