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How do I?

In order to record a camera image you need a recording device such as a DVR, PC, or VCR. To view the image you need a monitor such as a security “CCTV” monitor, your TV screen, or your PC LCD Monitor. If you are using a CCTV monitor, just plug the RCA or BNC video wire from the camera into the video “input” of the monitor. You will have a picture automatically. If you are using a “TV”to view the video picture you will need to tell the TV/VCR/DVR/DVD which input to use. Plug the camera into “Video In” on the TV/VCR/DVR/DVD and use the Video selector switch to choose the correct input. (This is Usually found in the menu commands)  Check the manufactures instructions if you need to.) If the VCR/DVR/DVD is connected to The TV using a RCA Video Cable TV type wire, plug the camera into the VCR/DVR/DVD and use the VCR/DVR/DVD controls to set the input. (The input on many VCRS is L1 or L2) If you are using a computer monitor attach the camera to the monitor using a VGA plug. All of our cameras are RCA or BNC video output. 

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How do wireless cameras work?
The camera connects to power...i.e. plug into a wall outlet or use a battery pack.
The receiver connects to power...i.e. plug into a wall outlet or use a battery pack.
The camera and receiver can only be a specified distance apart, this is called Line of Sight. (Just like your cordless phone needs to stay only a certain distance from its base)
The camera sends wireless "real time" video to the receiver.

How do I record the video?
The receiver connects directly to any recording device with a "video-in" port using a standard RCA or BNC cable. (The same type cable you use to connect your DVR/DVD/VCR to your TV)
Most popular recording devices: VCR, DVR, Computer, or camcorder.

How do I view the video?
The receiver will connect to any TV or monitor using a standard RCA cable to the "video-in" port.

Remember Wireless is advertised as L.O.S. (Line of sight) The actual distance you will get varies depending on the conditions and the placement of the units. For example, walls and solid obstructions limit video signals. Digital wireless gives better results than analog wireless. 

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After I order

  • We will contact you by email after your order is placed to confirm a shipping date. (please allow a reasonable amount of time to be contacted with a shipping date)
  • Most orders will ship within 1 to 2 business days. However some orders may be shipped after 48 hours.
  • If  you are not satisfied with your shipping date, you may cancel your order and your credit card will not be charged.

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Tech Help

If you have not found an answer to your question here please E-Mail us at info@spyville.com. Please put the part number in the subject line and it will be automatically forwarded to our tech department.

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PHONE RECORDERS:  How do Phone Recorders Work?

Does the recorder connect to the phone?
No. The recorders plug into any phone jack and will record all incoming and outgoing calls.

Will the caller hear the recorder turn on?
No. The recorders make no noise on the phone line.

Can I use the recorder for lectures or meetings?
Yes. All of our recorders function as "stand alone" voice recorders...."Unless otherwise noted"



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