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GPS Vehicle Tracking Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracking Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker Low Cost
Item #:SV-vehicletracking
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GPS Vehicle Tracking Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker Low Cost
Vehicle Tracking GPS Real Time Low Cost low Monthly Fees and Short Contracts GPS Tracker
ITEM # SV-vehicletracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker. This GPS vehicle tracker offers short contracts and low monthly fees. We include a waterproof magnet mount at no extra charge. None of our competition can make the same claim. You can use this real time tracker as a personal protection device as well. Its built in panic button sends an instant email and text out to you. You can use it as a child tracker and always know where they are. You could hand the device to them and they can use the belt clip to carry it or just keep it in their pocket or purse. Parents can place this device in a teenagers car and get a report every five minutes of where and how fast the vehicle is traveling. With the included waterproof case you can hide in under the car
( the device must be within 10 inches of the edge of the vehicle) or in a wheel well or between the grill and radiator. This device will even work under the seat of most vehicles. You can even set up an safe area (geofence) in your control panel you can set an area on the map. The vehicle tracker will send an instant notification to you via email if the tracker leaves the set area.

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Locate Loved Ones –
 Did your daughter come directly home after school? Know where your loved one is through the website or a simple phone call. View the location on the online map or receive a message back to your cell phone or email with the location’s address.

  GPS Vehicle Tracker Common Terms  
GPS (global positioning system)
GPRS (general packet radio service)
SMS (short message service)
GSM (global system for mobile communications)

Geofence/Safety Zone –
Want to make sure your child stays within their school zone? With the Geofence activated, you are automatically alerted if your child leaves this area.

Pricing Plans:  Top
 All pricing plans are unlimited. There are no ping or locate fees just choose the frequency of updates. The shortest contract you can get is 3 months. There is a $59.99 Activation Fee on the unit this is charged when you sign up for the monthly plan. Each Update is a location mark.

If you get the 5 Minute updates @ 39.95 a month and the activation fee $ 59.99.
Once the unit is activated (You are contacted via email to let you know you are active) The vehicle tracker is placed in a vehicle. Now every 5 minutes the device will automatically create a location point and communicate it to the website. You can login at any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week and find the vehicle. When you login you will see a map with the vehicles location every 5 minutes ( 5 minute update plan).

15 Minute Updates $24.95/Month SALE
5 Minute Updates $39.95/Month  $29.99
2 Minute Updates $49.95/Month  $33.95
1 Minute Updates $59.95/Month  $35.95
30 Second Updates $69.95/Month  $39.95
15 Second Updates $89.95/Month  $49.95
5 Second Updates $129.95/Month  $69.95


Activation: $59.95 (Same day takes about 2 business hours).

After You Buy  Top
Once you receive the Vehicle Tracker you will need to charge the battery for approx 5 hours. ( The charger is included) Then the GPS tracker needs to be placed outside in an open area to acquire its first satellite position. You then go to the website mentioned on your manual. At that website you will choose you GPS monthly plan then enter your credit card information and your cell phone number. ( the cell phone number is for text notifications from the Vehicle tracker.
More About GPS  Top
GPS Vehicle Tracking. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. there are some 18 to 24 GPS satellites in orbit around the earth put there by the Department of Defense. The first one sent up approx 1978 and the last in the mid 90s. reports of how many GPS satellites there are range from 18-24.  Originally the GPS satellites were used for military only. The DOD made the entire system available for civilian use in the mid 80s. The satellites circle the earth and send out a constant signal. A GPS vehicle tracker picks up this signal for several satellites at one time. The GPS unit determines in position via triangulation. Each satellite sends a signal and the unit determines its location based on the time it takes for the signal to travel from each satellite.


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