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Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Radio Recorder WiFi P2P and Networking Built in

Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Radio Recorder WiFi P2P and Networking Built in
Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Radio Recorder WiFi P2P and Networking Built inHidden Camera Alarm Clock Radio Recorder WiFi P2P and Networking Built inHidden Camera Alarm Clock Radio Recorder WiFi P2P and Networking Built inHidden Camera Alarm Clock Radio Recorder WiFi P2P and Networking Built inHidden Camera Alarm Clock Radio Recorder WiFi P2P and Networking Built in
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Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Radio Recorder WiFi P2P and Networking Built in

This hidden camera security system  lets you monitor what is important to you while remaining discreet. Our hidden camera, Disguised as a Magnasonic alarm clock,  can capture days of high quality color video without anyone knowing. The easy to use, built in  DVR (video recorder) system is ideal for monitoring your office, nanny, employees and valuables. Just place the alarm clock on any desk or cabinet and you will be able to record video completely undetected. A built-in motion sensor can help conserve SD card space by only triggering a recording when movement is detected. So feel free to supervise your business or home discreetly with the ARC-19140K and always be aware of what's happening, even when you are not there. The alarm clock plugs into a standard 110 outlet and is a functioning alarm clock. Large easy to read numbers make this a perfect fit for a covert hidden camera. This clock is very unobtrusive and will blend in in many locations. Since it is a basic alarm clock it will not attract any undue attention. Everyone will look at the time but no one will have any idea that they are being recorded.

This hidden camera is built into a normal clock radio. Featuring WiFi and P2P plus Built in networking you can view this clock camera on your phone via the internet on a PC or Mac.  Plus you can live stream to your network at home. The radio camera functions as it should and keeps its secret even under scrutiny. Simply set up this clock radio camera wherever you need to keep an eye on your property, your loved ones seniors and children, the list of uses is endless.

How does this hidden camera work?

You plug the camera in, connect to a standard TV to program (you need to program the camera with your routers password) You will need to know your own routers password.  load the free app , connect to the camera  and view the live feed. The camera will use your router at home for its connection to the internet via Wifi. You will be able to view the live video from the camera anywhere your phone works.

Network set up is similar, again using the hidden cameras built in Wifi you connect to your home network. Now you will be able to view the video feed on your Tablet or PC simply over your home network. 3 level password protection included.

This clock radio hidden camera will also activate on motion and record locally ( on to a sd card hidden on the clock) this will store video to view later

This is definitely the next generation of hidden camera you need to know what's going on now, right now!  not later or after the fact or when you get home. Our video on demand hidden clock radio camera will supply that for you.

Hidden camera Alarm Clock This is a complete recording system that is hidden in a fully functional LCD alarm clock, you can privately monitor your office, employees, valuables or nanny with this unit's conventional appearance. The stylish alarm clock design looks like a regular Magnasonic alarm clock that will blend in to almost any area and allow you to see people's true colors.

Motion Activated Recording Sensors within the camera can detect movement so that if someone enters your monitoring location, you will know about it. Having the unit record only when motion is detected will conserve SD memory.

Easily Connect to a TV
Watch live or review previously recorded video footage by connecting to a television. This allows you to see everything you've recorded on a larger screen so you will not miss any details. To keep a permanent record of your video you can remove the SD card and transfer the files to your computer's hard drive.

Fully Functional Alarm Clock
On top of being an excellent monitoring device, this unit also works as a fully functional alarm clock. This ensures that no one will know that a camera and recording unit are also inside. Simply set to the proper time, wake time and use the alarm as needed. A buzzer will sound to alert you at your set time.

24 Hour Scheduled Recording Setup your preferred scheduled recording time throughout a 24 hour day to ensure that you will never miss any suspicious events, even while you are away. You are able to record video footage using three different types of recording modes: manual, scheduled, and motion activation.

Compatible with High Capacity SD Memory Cards up to 32GB
This system is compatible with High Quality SD cards. That means if you use a 32GB SD card with this system, you will be able to record several days of video

  • App Specifications:
  • iCam264e is an free APP and it can be downloaded from APPLE APP Store or Android Play Store.
  •  Main Features:
  • Multiple H.264 Video Streaming
  •  Support peer-to-peer connection over the Internet
  • Full HD/HD Resolution Compatible (Depends on the viewing camera’s specification)
  • Network camera Live View, snapshot and video recording
  • Motion detect Push Alert/Push Video
  • Wireless AP/Client mode switchable (AP mode for local WiFi network, Client mode for the Internet connectivity)
  • Camera Specifications
  • The Recorder has built-in H.264 video compression. It supports video recording and playback operation.
  • Video data is recorded directly on the SD card with FAT32 file system and AVI or MP4 file format.
  • Simple data backup method to a PC.
  • You can view the data straight from your PC, and playback those AVI or MP4 files with popular media players.
  • Menu, settings and network controls are set via a TV, playback available Via TV
  • For 16 GB SD card, the record time is about 5 hours at Medium Quality for 30 fps @ 1280 x 720
  • The Camera supports: Manual, Motion Detection, Schedule with independent video size, quality, and frame rate set up.
  • Schedule Record (Schedule Record Options: Motion Detection/ Continuous)
  • For motion detection, multiple detection blocks and appropriate motion trigger level set-up.
  • Use anywhere, the device supports either DC power adaptor.

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