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Mini Air Filter with hidden spy camera and video recorder all in one.

Hidden Spy Camera System Complete In A Mini Air Filter
Hidden Spy Camera System Complete In A Mini Air FilterHidden Spy Camera System Complete In A Mini Air FilterHidden Spy Camera System Complete In A Mini Air Filter
Item #:SC7008HD1
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This hidden spy camera system is a complete hidden camera and video recorder all in one built into a mini air filter this covert camera has no wireless transmitters or receivers  to worry about, no messy wires to hide and best of all you can set it to record only on motion. This hidden spy camera has a high resolution color camera and digital video recorder built in. The video recorder (DVR) records video at 30 FPS (frames per second) @ 720 x 480. It has a Time and Date stamp on the recorded  video so you will know exactly when your hidden spy camera was triggered. Our air freshener  mini air filter is a complete unit. You can plug this hidden camera in the play room the den, the basement or even in the kitchen. Keep an eye on your nanny or your children or even your spouse. No difficult set up No wires to run No transmitter or receiver to figure out. Just charge the battery and set up the camera.  It has been modified to hold the hidden spy camera and video recorder. This unit does not function as an air filter nor as a air freshener.

The built in camera is positioned so that it can be at an average height and still see a large part of the room. The newest  sony super had ccd camera is permanently installed inside the unit, you just need to insert the included SD card charge the battery and begin recording. The play back is done via your TV or your PC using the included video cables. You can connect the unit directly to the video inputs on your TV and view the recorded videos as well as being able to program the unit for your desired functions. You can also remove the SD card and use the included SD-USB card reader and view the videos on your PC with windows media player and many other popular media players like real player and VLC.


  • NTSC or PAL
  • Image Sensor: 1/4 720x480
  • Frame Rate: 6/8,13/15,25/30
  • Firmware Upgradable using SD card
  • A/V RCA
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • Resolution: 720x480
  • Recording Mode: Motion, Continuous, Panic
  • Power Rechargeable 2.7v Li Polymer Battery
  • PIR function
  • IR remote control
  • Micro SD card up to 32GB
  • Up to 30 days of operation in standby mode on a battery charge.
  • No visible wires
  • Motion Activated
  • Truly the only product on the market for inside long term use
  • TL Player Software CD
  • Xtreme Life Air Freshener Hidden Camera
  • Remote Control
  • 4GB SD Card
  • RCA Video Cable
  • USB Cable

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