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Laser Mic Surveillance Defeater Laser Countermeasure Surveillance Protection Device

Laser Mic Surveillance Defeater  Laser Countermeasure Surveillance Protection Device
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Laser Mic Surveillance Defeater 
Laser Countermeasure Surveillance Protection Device
Personal Laser Mic Surveillance Defeater    What is Laser surveillance?

    One Laser defeater protects one window. You need one defeater per window where you would like to be protected from laser mic surveillance.

Our Laser Mic Surveillance Defeater  is one of the most unique new countermeasures devices on the market today. It was developed by certain US Agencies to defeat laser mic surveillance. (Who better to develop the countermeasures device than those who best know the capabilities of a laser mic from their use of the device and to protect them from their own technology) This Laser defeater is simple to use, compact, portable, and inexpensive. The unique design interrupts, masks and jams the laser mic by sending out a human voice frequency sound to drown out your conversations. It sends a constant signal that takes advantage of the notch filter in a laser mic. ( the filter that allows the device to isolate and amplify human voice) Effectively stopping the laser mic from being able to modulate the sound of human voice, hence the demodulator at the other end just receives gibberish instead of your private conversations. As we all know the simplest solution is usually the best . This laser mic defeater simply attaches to the window and using 1 9 Volt battery ( included) protects you for approx 500 hours. There is an on and off switch so you can control what conversations and protected and what ones are not.

Great for use in government offices, corporate board rooms and offices, high rise buildings and home use as well. Anywhere, where you have a window that could be vulnerable to a laser mic this portable person laser mic detector is the answer to keep our ever disappearing privacy safe from big brothers prying ears. One device per window.
What is Laser Surveillance?
Laser surveillance ( also known as a Laser Mic) is an invisible laser beam that is focused on a window. The voices and sound from the room are absorbed by the window and picked up by the laser beam.
( this is modulation). The receiver at the other end of the laser Mic then demodulates the voices and sounds, amplifies them and allows the user of the laser mic to listen in on many confidential conversations. Laser mics can be used as far a a mile away (line of sight). The laser mic systems are expensive and are used mostly by government agencies. That's not to say that a private individual cant use it though.
Remove and discard the battery contact protector ( if so equipped) Connect the  9Volt battery to the device paying careful attention to the polarity. Move the power switch into the on position. The blue light should illuminate immediately and a buzzing sound will be heard. This is the normal operation mode. Take the unit to the window you would like to protect from laser surveillance and attach the device on the inside of the window,. The installation is complete. You may turn the device on or off when you choose but you have no protection from laser surveillance when the device is off or when the battery has been depleted. The laser detector will run for approximately 500 hours on one 9Volt battery. This device is at what is sometimes referred to as board level. There is no outside case. This not only keeps the device from heat it keeps costs down.

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