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Mini Telephone Recorder Voice Activated

Mini Telephone Recorder Voice Activated
Mini Telephone Recorder Voice ActivatedMini Telephone Recorder Voice ActivatedMini Telephone Recorder Voice ActivatedMini Telephone Recorder Voice Activated
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Our mini telephone recorder is probably the smallest available. Automatic voice activated recording. This device looks similar to a DSL filter or a line junction. No need for an ugly box sitting on your desk. This unit will record one telephone line. ( multiple lines require multiple devices.) IMPORTANT: This recorder works on single lines or roll over lines NOT on PBX style telephones. If you have a normal size telephone connector plug this item should work for you. your telephone recordings are saved to a micro sd memory card, like the ones used in cameras and telephones. Available at most stores or - ( buy sd cards).

High impedance recordings are in a common .WAV format so you can listen on any PC or MAC. Simply connect the device to the computer or remove the card and plug into your computer. This telephone recorder, is the easiest to use we have ever had , just connect to the telephone line and the recording starts automatically when you start a call and stops when you hang up. voice activation is the only option for this unit. (Need a manual telephone recording option?) No extra power needed the built in battery charges itself from the telephone line. ( in rare cases you may need to charge the device with a usb port on your computer once or twice a year depending on call volume.)

1. High impedance recording
2. Small size
3. Portable design, it can record in many places you use the telephone. Such as when you are in hotel, just connect the mini telephone recorder to telephone line, you can record when you talk with your client
4. No need to charge, plug into telephone to use (built in special circuit get power from telephone system)
5. Supports up to micro 32gb SD memory card

1). Easy, Convenient recording: Use Micro SD card, and can record without a computer
2). Just plug in and the device will begin automatic recording
3). Cycle of recording: FIFO (first in first out) when there is no more memory capacity, the earliest recordings will be overwritten

1.Item Size: 59mm * 36mm * 25mm
2.Net Weight: 50g
3.Recording form: WAV
4.Power: 80mA
5.Memory medium: micro SD card (32GB max)
6.Package Contents: 1.teletelephone line  1. mini recorder

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