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Mini Spy Cameras A selection of mini spy cameras and pinhole cameras

Mini Spy Cameras A selection of mini spy cameras and pinhole cameras
Mini spy cameras can be useful tools when they are being used to protect property, family, and yourself from hurt, theft, or vandalism. These mini cameras can be placed inside of walls or objects, and on clothing to record a scene. There are legal reminders about using any spy camera equipment. The use of this surveillance equipment was orignally intended for law enforcement officers like CIA agents, spy agents and police detectives. But because they are now readily available on the market to anyone who can pay for them; a purchaser should check their states laws about the use of spy cameras before purchasing one.

There are several different types, styles, and installation suggestions for these cameras. The mini camera is smaller than the size of a dime and it is ideal for viewing items that have great detail. Collection piece items such as stamps may be viewed from their display case without having to be handled by others. These cameras run in real time and can be recorded to your dvr or add one to your existing spy camera system. They are easy to install and setup.

The pinhole camera with the conical lens is great for drop ceilings and drywall. The conical lens helps to block stray light so that the picture in the lens stays consistent and does not fade and wane with the changing of a light source. The pinhole camera requires less than 1/8 of an inch hole to the surface of the drywall in order to view the scene. The closer the lens is to the outer part of the wall, the wider the view will be.

The flat lens of a mini spy camera is ideal for thin objects. This camera is the smallest real-time video recorder on the market. It is about the size of a pack of gum. It can be operated with one push of a button, it includes a removable micro SD card that is recognized on most computers.

These cameras can be purchased as hard wired, battery operated, or with transmitters. These small and discrete cameras are ideal for parents of small children or aging parents to use as a monitor. Business and home owners can also use these discrete miniature cameras on their property.

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