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Motion Activated Motion Sensor Hidden Camera SALE $89.99

Motion Activated Motion Detector Hidden Camera SALE $89.99
Motion Activated Motion Detector Hidden Camera SALE $89.99Motion Activated Motion Detector Hidden Camera SALE $89.99Motion Activated Motion Detector Hidden Camera SALE $89.99Motion Activated Motion Detector Hidden Camera SALE $89.99Motion Activated Motion Detector Hidden Camera SALE $89.99
Retail Price:$159.99
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This motion sensor camera has built in night vision. This hidden camera will see in total darkness and record video. The high quality HD video @ 30fps will get you the video you need. With the featured PRE and POST recording you will always get the activity on video, the camera , when it senses motion will record 3 seconds prior to the activation and 15 seconds after to ensure you get the video even if there is only a small amount of activity. The video will continue if motion continues or stop an await the next activation. At 15 minutes the camera will save the file and begin a new one. The video is saved each 15 minutes so you can easily review the segments. No video is lost and the file are a manageable size. This camera can be set to overwrite or stop when the micro sd card is full.With the built in night vision this motion sensor camera will also record in total darkness.

The night vision will allow the camera to see up to 18 feet away and the built in wide angle lens shows a large area. Since this camera is always plugged in you never need to change or recharge batteries. Set this camera up and record your video, take the entire unit to your PC ( no mac) and view the recorded files. OR take out the included 2GB micro sd card and use your sd card reader ( not included) to view the videos. OR connect the unit to your TV for a live view of the camera or to play back the recorded video directly from the unit! The included software lets you program the unit via you PC or using a TV with video input. Once the motion sensor camera is mounted you can control the functions with the included remote control. Start and Stop recording and turn motion activation on and off without accessing the unit directly. Great for use in your office if you do not want to use the camera all the time. Set this camera up in your store for extra security at night. Keep an eye on the cleaning crew in your cubicle. This camera includes a ac power supply and needs to be plugged in to operate. When set at the highest recording resolution a 2GB sd micro SD card will hold approx. 1 hour the device will support up to a 32 GB. This is an indoor camera and must be plugged in to operate.

  • Video format:  AVI 
  • USB port: USB2.0
  • Remote control distance:10 meters
  • Available Memory extension supported: Up to 32GB (2gb included)
  • Night vision Range: More than 8 meters
  • Operation Operation humidity: 20% - 85% RH
  • Dimensions:103*60*29.5mm
  • Net weight:145g (including adapter)
  • Adjustable Motion Sensitivity
  • Records 3 second before motion activation
  • HD 720P 1280*720/720*480/640*480
  • Night Vision leds Built in
  • Includes
  • Motion Sensor camera
  • Remote Control
  • Power Supply
  • 2 GB Micro SD card
  • Directions
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Screws
  • AV Cable
  • USB cable

This is a sample video of the operation of the night vision on the motion sensor camera. We have the device mounted on the wall approx. 6 feet high and turn the light on and off.

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