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Roommates Behaving Badly: 10 Reasons to Hide a Camera in Your Dorm Room

Roommates Behaving Badly: 10 Reasons to Hide a Camera in Your Dorm Room

Stealing food

As a poor college student, few things are worse than someone stealing your food.   Not many roomies will own up to taking your food so why not get the evidence for yourself!


Roommates Stealing From you
In college life, most people think of their room as their personal space. On those long weekends when you are gone, do you ever wonder if people respect your room as much as you do?

A Dirty Dorm Room
Dorm life can get very dirty and cramped living with the wrong roommate. Everyone has had the dispute between who made the apartment dirty…now you can settle that argument.


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 Breaking something
Nothing ruins your day like coming back from a long day of class to play PS3 only to find that it no longer turns on. Somebody broke it and it’s time to find out who.
Messing with thermostat
It is apparently a rarity to find two roommates who can agree on what the temperature should be. Whether you are trying to save money on power or you just flat out prefer your apartment to feel like the middle of the Sahara, somebody is always playing with the thermostat.
 Hiding Pets
Does your apartment have an odor that could in no way come from a human? Are there strange smells coming from your roommates room and the door is never open? Does your roommate make excuses for why there are cans of cat food stacked on his shelves of the pantry? Well hopefully he has a pet…but just to be sure….
Avoiding Pranks
College and pranks go hand in hand and you can be sure at one point or another…someone is going to put powder in your hair dryer…throwing cold water into your shower…or buttering the floor of your apartment. Give yourself a heads up and save yourself from embarrassment.

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Getting to Watch Pranks
Better than avoiding a prank, film the prank of your victim and share it with everyone to watch….over…and over…and over…and over….


 Enhance your post black out memory
From time to time we all have one of those nights where we inevitably have one too many and the night begins to fade out. The next morning is always an adventure of connecting the dots…but no more! Strategically placed cameras will let you relive the fun you may or may not have had from the night before.

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