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Wireless Hidden Cameras and Nanny Cameras Spy Cameras

Wireless Hidden Cameras and Nanny Cameras Spy Cameras

Find great deals on wireless hidden cameras for the home or office!

From clock radios to Air Purifiers and wall clocks and every type of hidden wireless camera in between! These are complete wireless hidden camera systems. Do you already have a computer? Then one of our hidden wireless camera systems is all you need to start keeping a closer eye on your most precious assets. A hidden wireless camera has a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is connected to the camera and hidden inside one of the devices below, you simply plug in the item and then connect the receiver to a USB port on your computer. Most of our hidden spy cameras can connect directly to your computer some still depend on a TV and VCR The computer interface is usually pictured with the item. Please feel free to call us for clarification.

The connection to your PC (no mac) allows for remote view or internet view using the included software. Since we did all the research and found matching components you can take advantage of our complete wireless hidden camera systems. Most of the hidden cameras we sell need to be plugged into power, usually a regular outlet. Some battery operated devices are available but the battery life is measured in hours.

With ALL-DIGITAL transmissions, wireless interference has become a thing of the past! In addition to providing a crystal-clear image, our built-in covert video products also feature an encrypted transmission, so that no one can pick up your video feed. If you just want a little extra piece of mind, these systems are ideal nanny cameras so you can keep a close eye on your loved ones at home!

Hidden Internet Camera Wireless Air PurifierClock Radio Hidden Spy Camera W/ Monitor RecorderDVD Player Hidden Spy Camera  -  Digital Wireless Hidden Camera
Remote Video Hidden Camera Mantle Clock Digital Wireless CameraWireless Clock Radio Camera With Recorder and Monitor Night Vision Wireless Camera Wall Clock Hidden Digital Camera USB Receiver
Spy Camera Wall Clock A Hidden Color Camera And RecorderOscillating  Fan Hidden Wireless Camera Smart Phone ViewAir Purifier Wireless Hidden Camera W/ Monitor-Receiver-Recorder
Wireless Hidden Radio Camera Digital Receiver and RecorderWall Clock Wireless Camera Complete Covert Wireless Camera KitHidden Wireless Camera Night Vision Table Fan
Wireless Spy Cam Hidden in A Picture Frame With Receiver and  Recorder"Covert Complete" Wall Clock Wireless Camera Smart Phone ViewWireless hidden camera No Interference  Internet Remote View !
Wireless Hidden Camera Mantel Clock USBNon-Functional Smoke Detector Digital USB Wireless CameraWireless Camera fully functional exit sign
Wall Clock Hidden  Camera2.4 GHz 4 channel Receiver - With Power Supply (For use with wireless hidden cameras)2.4 GHz Wireless Hidden Clock Radio Camera
Spy Camera Digital Wireless Plant Camera W/ USB Wireless ReceiverDVD Player - Wireless Camera - Hidden Camera USB Receiver And SoftwareSleuthgear Covert Surveillance Cameras Wireless Hidden and Night Vision
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